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10PCS Smart Cabinet Led Light - The Smartest Yet Practical Led Light To Illume Your Cabinet Space!

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Can’t find your laundry inside your cabinet? Here is the perfect solution for you! With Our 10PCs Smart Cabinet LED Light, you can find your content with ease!

With intelligent induction, the LED lamps will turn on automatically when you open the Cabinet. Again, when you close the Cabinet, it will be turned off! The smartest way to find your items with ease!


INSTALL & USE EFFORTLESSLY: You can easily install and use this smart LED Light. After installing it on your Cabinet, whenever you open the Cabinet, the lamp will turn on automatically. When you close the Cabinet, the Light turns off on its own.

ULTIMATE COMPANION IN DARK: With this smart cabinet light, you don’t need to take a flashlight, or torch to find your contents in the dark. All you need to do is- just open the door and find the things you want!

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The smart LED Light is made of supreme-grade ABS material, which is environmentally-friendly. The sturdy and durable material lets you use it longer without any hassle.

WIDE USAGE: you can use these LED lights in your home cabinet, closet, cupboard, or wardrobe with a hinge. Light up your space and make your content smarter much more!

BATTERY POWERED: Our LED Light features 3pcs LED beads, which is operated by 12A 23V battery. It consumes lower power, which doesn’t waste more energy. 


Usage: Emergency Power Source: Dry Battery Body Material: ABS Wattage: 0-5W Light Source: LED Bulbs Voltage: 12V Battery Type:1 2V 23A Type: Furniture Hinge LED Model: 3 LED


Battery AAA or else a different type?

Not AAA, is different, set contains battery 23A 12V.

Include the battery?

Yes, you need to select from menu -> with batteries

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Please take out the battery if not using it for a long time and put it in a cool and dry place to save. Do not shine directly into your eyes in case of any possible harm result from the intense light. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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